How does an Envision Circle work?

In-Person Groups: Over roughly 5 months your WINS Envision Circle will meet every 3/4 weeks with a WINS coach who will take you through our carefully crafted process.  Depending on demand, In-person groups are currently being considered for London, Oxford and Bristol.

Virtual Groups: Over roughly 5 months, you will meet virtually via an online video conference platform every 3/4 weeks with a WINS coach who will facilitate the group using our transformational process. You will also be teamed up after each session with an ‘accountability buddy’, supporting your development and growth even further.

For both types of circles, we put a lot of thought into creating a dynamic group. This means we match-make you, taking into account work/life experience, sector and management/ leadership experience, as well as salary/ revenue. We believe diverse groups stimulate creativity but within the vast array that makes up ‘Women in Sustainability’ we know there are groups within groups. We endeavour to match you within a circle where real alchemy can take place.

Once registration for the 2018 spring series is opened, payment is taken on  registration. If, for some reason we are unable to match you to a group or a group is unable to run, this will be returned in full to you. Alternatively, you can ask for us to hold payment against your group placement for the next round.


How are the programmes structured?

After closing registrations, we create the groups as discussed above and you will be notified that payment has been taken. Your WINS coach will then get in touch and set out all the logistics for your Envision Circle. You will have the opportunity to introduce yourself to everyone and start getting to know your circle. Group numbers will be limited to >12 to ensure ease of connection and meaningful relationships.

Meetings start once we have successfully placed the groups. Both In person and Virtual Circles circles meet for for 2 hours. In addition, you will have the opportunity to work in pairs as ‘accountability buddies’ in between each group session to help you move forwards.

How can I apply to join an Envision Circle?

We will be launching a new round of Envision Circles mid February 2018.

These will be for two Virtual Circles, running Wednesday evenings and Friday mornings.

If interest is sufficient, live, in person groups will also be established for London and Oxford.

Register and book pre launch to access a 20% discount.



Registration and Costs

In-Person Circles:

London / Oxford, starting late February 2018 (dates tba)

£797  payable in full or 6 month payment plan

(Register and book pre-launch – 20% discount)

Virtual Circles:

For all virtual circles, sessions are recorded which means if you have to miss one, you can access everything in your own time after the session,

Dates, Circle 1: 6 – 8 pm Wednesday evenings:

28th Feb, 21st March, 18th April, 9th May, 6th June, 27th June

Dates, Circle 2: 1o am – 12 noon Friday mornings:

23rd Feb, 23rd March, 13th April, 11th May, 8th June, 29th June

 £497  payable in full or 6 month payment plan

(Register and book pre-launch, 20% discount)