Our Envision Circles brings you into a group of values-led, motivated women with whom you can deeply connect and learn with. You’ll be able to explore your thoughts and ideas in a space where true listening and seeking to understand are the bedrock to communication.

Our coaches follow our carefully structured process to encourage the highest growth, deepest insight and real conversations to emerge. Whilst each group will develop it’s own character and each coach apply their own style, you can expect the following:

1) Inspiring Vision

Time to dream big and fully connect to how life will be in 10 years time. Using a creative blend of embodiment and guided visioning, you will harness your deepest felt desires to illuminate your journey forwards. We ensure you fully give yourself permission to ‘go there’ and enjoy experiencing what your future holds.


2) Energising Change

When we align ourselves to achieve what is important to us, to be authentic and live our values, we are able to access ‘flow’ and enjoy our work. In a world of endless choices, how can we trust ourselves to make good decisions about what we should be doing? Under this theme, we explore tapping into our intuition and inner wisdom. We build self-confidence and insight to guide our way and energise the change we want to see.


3) Your Story

Speaking from the heart inspires others and motivates self. We can decide to tell an empowering story that creates opportunities or give voice to our inner critic to put ourselves down and closes us off. Witnessing our triumphs and challenges, we learn how to choose our authentic story and how to express that in a way that invigorates our highest sense of self.


4) Clarity & Intention

It all starts with a decision and we make it here, clarifying our intentions and getting clear on what we want. What does success really mean for you? Using group wisdom and guided tools, we create the opportunity for you to get real with your life, your career, your business.  Working to a one-year time frame, you sculpt out how you are going to get there.


5) Blockers & Sabotage

All of us have a hidden saboteur that can scupper our intentions to move on in our careers. We need to understand who that is and how to release their negative impact.  As a collective, we hold the space for us to peel back the layers, building awareness, insight and acceptance. We work on re-wiring those beliefs that are holding us back, removing for good, old obstacles that have prevented us in the past.

6) Expansion & Next Steps

You know where you want to go, the impact you want to have. Now we look at how you can build your connections, nurture your relationships and find your way to your next level.  Let the Envision Circle help you reach out and beyond your current comfort zone to extend your reach and achieve your dreams.

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