February 28, 2018

How To Grow Your Green Career – Free Webinar

How To Grow Your Green Career

This special webinar from Women in Sustainability, hosted by SustainIt, aims to inspire and inform ‘women in sustainability’ on the various ways in which they can navigate their ‘green’ career path.

Last November the WINS London Network Hub explored the options and tactics of navigating a purpose-led, fulfilling career in the sustainability sector. Given the high level of interest this topic, we’ve teamed up with SustainIt to take this discussion online.

Helping us explore our topic are a panel of women who’ll be sharing a variety of perspectives and tips.

Whilst our focus is on that move from middle management into senior levels, the discussion is likely to be of interest to all ‘women in sustainability’.


Maureen Bray, International Consultancy Manager, Schneider Electric’s Energy & Sustainability Services Division

Katie Pereira, Team Leader, Sustainability, ALLEN & YORK

Kate Martin Bruintjes, Director, Green Unlimited

Rhian Sherrington, Executive & Career Coach, Choose2Flourish Ltd & Founder, WINS

Set aside an hour and join us for an insightful look at how you too can ‘grow your green career’!


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