July 3, 2018

London WINS Hub: Diversity & Inclusion Workshop

Diversity & Inclusion in Sustainability: If Not Us Then Who?

Join Women in Sustainability and Gong Communications for the afternoon on 3rd July for a practical and focused look at why every team and organisation delivering sustainability simply must get their house in order on diversity & inclusion.

Moving beyond it’s ‘the right thing to do’, we’ll be sharing key research findings that demonstrate the business case that make creating diverse and inclusive organisations such an essential aspect of delivering the SDGs.

Following best practice advice, we’ll then workshop together HOW to translate D&I awareness into practical action for your company/ organisation.

This is going to be a highly valuable and stimulating afternoon, with Gong Communications sharing golden nuggets of insight and tools from their work with clients, including Lloyds Group, on delivering effective diversity and inclusion policy and practices.

Space is limited – Book your ticket below!


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