November 16, 2017

London Hub: WINS Network

How To Grow Your Green Career

Join like-minded, values-led women and build your network of professionals from across the environmental and sustainability sectors.

In true ‘Women in Sustainability’ form, expect honest conversations, inspiration and new perspectives, alongside opportunities to connect & build your relationships, as well as work on what you need in order to flourish in your career creating a sustainable world.

Discussion Topic:

How To Grow Your Green Career

For all the talk about a ‘glass ceiling’ for women, how true is that of the sustainable sector? What kind of paths can we forge for ourselves to get us where we want to go? Are there collectively agreed ‘right things to do’ when seeking to move upwards and onwards or is it all down to luck and specific personalities?

Focusing in on the shift from middle management to Director level and above, we’ll be exploring different perspectives on what it takes to progress. We’ll consider the different pathways for doing so and what we can do, as individuals, to best position ourselves to get the ‘top jobs’, if we want them.

Helping us explore our theme on 16th November will be a panel of contributors, including;

Maureen Bray, International Consultancy Manager, Schneider Electric

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  • Schneider Electric