February 1, 2018

Oxford Hub: WINS Network Hub

Exploring how WINS Network Hub can support your green careers

Fancy spending an evening in the company of other values-led professional women, working across the sustainability sectors, sharing their wisdom, stories and tips on how to thrive in a green career?

From the success of our Network Hubs in Bristol and London, we know how powerful bringing women together to connect, learn and grow, both personally and professionally. With interest growing in Oxford for a Women in Sustainability Network Hub, it felt timely to see how we can make that happen.

So, come and join us on 1st February as we explore if there’s an appetite for a Women in Sustainability Network Hub in the city and how you’d like it to support you.

Facilitated by local coach, Thalia Carr and supported by Rhian Sherrington, founder of Women in Sustainability, you’ll enjoy a vibrant evening and come away energised and inspired, with new and better connections.

This evening is being run in partnership with Oxford City Council’s Low Carbon Oxford programme.

Event Sponsors

  • Thalia Carr
  • Low Carbon Oxford