• November 14, 2017

    Bristol Hub: WINS Network

    Confidence and Presence

    We all know we need to able to appear confident, to be confident in putting ourselves forwards in order to progress our ‘green careers’, but that can sometimes feel a real challenge. How can we cultivate an authentic, confident presence and use..

  • November 16, 2017

    London Hub: WINS Network

    How To Grow Your Green Career

    Join like-minded, values-led women and build your network of professionals from across the environmental and sustainability sectors. In true ‘Women in Sustainability’ form, expect honest conversations, inspiration and new perspectives, alongside opportunities to connect & build your relationships, as well..

  • November 23, 2017

    Newcastle Hub: WINS Network

    Exploring interest & appetite for a WINS Hub in Newcastle

    Would you like to see a WINS Hub being established in Newcastle? Come and join us on 23rd November and connect with other values-led women working across the area to create positive change for a sustainable world. Over wine and..