June 28, 2018

Newcastle Hub: WINS Network

The Messiness of Careers: Creating Flexible Career Pathways with Impact & Meaning

How can we navigate a career path that feels successful and fulfilling whilst also juggling caring and other responsibilities?

Is it possible to negotiate flexible working for demanding roles?

For women seeking to apply their talents making a difference, what are the options to progress even when it feels doors are closing?

We’re delighted to invite you to our next Women in Sustainability Newcastle Hub event at Muckle LLP on 28th June for a breakfast meeting where we’ll be exploring the above.

Confirmed contributors so far:

Sharon Lashley, PIEMA, Enviro UK Consultants

Katie Pereira, Sustainability Lead, ALLEN & YORK


This event is for you if..

.. you’re working in CSR, energy, conservation, retail, transport or in environmental/ resource management.

.. your role involves creating or delivering sustainability policies, reducing your environmental impact, carbon reporting or creating better places to live and work in.

.. you’re a champion for doing business that ‘does good’, that is responsible, ethical or is creating positive change for a greener, healthier and happier society.

.. you’re learning how to embed the 3 pillars of sustainability – social, economic, environmental.

..you’re leading changes inside your organisation to be or do any of the above

……..Then our network is for you!

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